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Gender Equality in Lebanon

How far are we from Gender Equality in Lebanon?

A gender statistical report in partnership between CAS and UNDP highlights how gender disaggregated data could help mainstream gender in national policies and in tracking progress towards achieving gender parity.


The report is available in English (PDF).



Housing Characteristics

Housing characteristics in 2018- 2019-Pdf file Report in English
Source: Labour Force and Household Living Conditions Survey 2018-2019 Lebanon


Annex Tables: LFHLCS_2018_2019_Primary Residences Excel File



Environment - Housing Characteristics in 2009-Pdf file (Report in Arabic), (Annex tables in Arabic and English)

Source: Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey 2009 (Full download


Housing Characteristics in 2007-Pdf file (Report in Arabic)

Source: Living Conditions Survey 2007 (Full download)


Housing Characteristics in 2004-Pdf file (Report in Arabic) (Report in English)

Source: Living Conditions Survey 2004 (Full download)


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