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Informal employment was 62.4% in January 2022

Employment in the informal sector stood at 48.3% in January 2022

 In January 2022, the male Labour Force Participation Rate (66.2%) was significantly higher than the female rate (22.2%)

 The unemployment rate stood at 29.6% in January 2022

In January 2022, only 2.9% of households earned 15 millionLBP and above

More than half of the residents 15 years and above desire to immigrate

Nearly 69% of youth and 66% of residents aged 25-44 years old desire to immigrate

In 2018-19, less than 30% of the women working-age resident population have been actively engaged in the labor market

The Youth unemployment rate was 47.8% in January 2022

In 2018-19, the youth unemployment rate was 21.4% for women and 24.5% for men

 The % of residents benefiting from any type of health insurance fell to less than half (49%) in January 2022

Lebanese women earned on average 6.5% less than Lebanese men in 2018-19

The female unemployment rate (32.7%) was somewhat higher than the male rate (28.4%) in January 2022

 In the private sector, only 26.5% of managerial positions were held by women in 2018-19

The youth unemployment rate (47.8%) was almost twice the adult unemployment rate (25.6%) in January 2022

 In January 2022, the Labour Force Participation Rate was 43.4% in Lebanon


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